I am a photographer and printer. 

My 'day job' is a Set Photographer for the Film and Television Industry. When not on set, I take photos...always. Pulling over on a road trip, walking my dog in my hometown neighborhood, or wherever I might be when traveling on location for work. On the bus in NYC, on a plane (pre-dawn flights are the best, try to top those sunrise gradients from earth!). I am always looking through a lens. I revel in the details of place, the expanse of space.

A few years ago I became passionate about printing. I recognized in the process of creating a print, more layers of story can be revealed and shaped, before-unnoticed details emerge. The print story can be told many ways. One way is through different papers. Paper can highlight the qualities that augment the image & the story you want to tell.

I create made-to-order Limited Edition Fine Art photographic prints at my studio. I hope you find an image, or series!, that inspires you.

To prints!